How to take control of your book's future by becoming the producer, publisher, and promoter of your next best-seller.


  • The 3 essential ingredients needed to publish your book: If you have done any research at all on what it takes to publish a book, you probably have seen dozens of 'must-haves' listed, but we know there are only 3 (and we'll tell you exactly what they are).
  • The 3 platforms to publish and reach 90% of the world: Today's technology is making the world smaller and smaller and the publishing platforms to reach most of the world are not only easy to navigate - they are free!
  • The 3-point plan for book marketing success: Of all the marketing advice out there on what to do (after all, there are 1,001 Ways to Market Your Book) we reveal the 3 point plan that is GUARANTEED to give you results.

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